Captain Coldiron

Captain of the Guard in Outlast


Coldiron introduces himself as the captain of the guard in Outlast. However, it soon becomes apparent that he seems to have a lot more sway than such a title would normally grant. He isn’t one to give out unnecessary information, even to those he trusts, and it is usually fairly obvious that he knows more about a given situation than he lets on. He has a plan for dealing with the cities problems, that much is clear. However, the details and logic behind the plan aren’t clear, often even to Coldiron’s superiors. Though he has normally been allowed to operate without much in the way of oversight, his latest activities, involving a strange group of criminals, has brought him under increased scrutiny. If this bothers or deters him, he hides it well.


He got a blowjob once from Lord Beloré Melorn.

Captain Coldiron

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