Welcome to Outlast, one of the few remaining cities of a once great civilization. A little over a generation ago the unthinkable happened. The Drow rose up from the Underdark and declared war on the surface dwellers. At roughly the same time, the boundaries between the Infernal and Abyssal planes and the material plane collapsed, allowing demons and devils to roam freely, coming and going as they pleased. The only way the surface races of the material plane managed to survive was to sequester themselves in gigantic fortress cities, built with walls of stone, steel, and magic. There are about five scattered across the world, now, that house what's left of the indigenous population. Outlast is one of the few whose society hasn't begun to collapse in on itself. However, one fortress city may not be enough to combat the threat from the outside. After a whole generation has been born, grown old, and died within the walls of these great cities, those who would see the destruction of all indigenous races have begun to find weaknesses in the nearly impenetrable defenses of the fortress cities.


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