Lord Beloré Melorn

High elven sorcerer, lord of the fallen House of Melorn.


Born to the noble high elven family Of Melorn, Beloré was raised in the lap of luxury. With no concerns to speak of (besides remembering to use expensive, non-reusable condoms,) he developed his talent for magic. His aptitude for sorcery made him even more adored by his family, and while he used it more for impressing the men and women he planned on using to sate his lust than for anything useful, the golden son of the Melorns could do no wrong. When he was still freshly past his youth, tragedy struck the his family as the drow emerged from the underdark. His family’s manor was seiged, and he was left as the only surviving Melorn. With His dying breath, Beloré’s father bestowed upon him the only thing that mattered—his money.

Beloré rebuilt a manor for himself in the safety of Outlast, continuing his reckless ways (and reckless spending) for decades until it finally occurred to him that he had only 25 gold pieces left in his possession. Somehow, It seemed best at that moment to attack an old woman for her purse. Beloré quickly found himself arrested and in prison for the attack. In prison, Beloré began working for Captain Coldiron. In Coldiron’s employ, Beloré has continued to make questionable choices including (but not limited to) charging multiple prostitutes to Coldiron’s accounts, trying to levitate away from danger, believing “laundry” is a peasant god, reusing condoms because he was told he could, believing a sewer goblin was a noble because he said he had a pedigree, and having sex with three sentient trees.

After being released from prison, Beloré took an offer to remain in Coldiron’s employ after realizing all his servants were gone and he still had no money.

Beloré was sought out by his illegimate daughter, a cleric named Sister Dewinter. Aside from the magical tree baby he became pregnant with after having sex with the sentient trees, she is the only illegitimate child he knows that he has.

Lord Beloré Melorn

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